Course and hobby group meetings are cancelled starting on March 17th.

Ahjola’s course and hobby group meetings are cancelled until further notice, starting on March 17th. Cancellation is due to Finnish government’s decision to close all schools in order to prevent coronavirus infections.

Some courses may switch to online learning. We’ll inform students course by course. Online courses will continue normally.

All our spring concerts and public events are cancelled. We’re searching for possibilities to arrange some of the events during next fall. 


Tampere has decided to cancel all evening classes held at their own facilities, including schools, daycare centers and Tampere Stadium.

We’ll inform our students about course cancellations via text messages. We’ll be sending text messages manually, so we are not able to inform all students simultaneously. At first we’ll be contacting the courses that were supposed to have meetings today.


Ahjola is cancelling all the spring concerts and public events due to precautions against the coronavirus.

Ahjola’s courses and hobby groups will continue having meetings normally for now on. If you’re suffering from any symptoms of cold or infection, please stay at home.

We advice all our students to follow THL’s (Finnish institute for health and welfare) guidelines and instructions.

We’ll be updating this page.