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Kamula – Students’ well-being

Kamula is students’ meeting place, small groups, leisure activities and events in Amuri, Tampere. Kamula activities goal is to strengthen students mental well-being and prevent loneliness.


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A student meeting place has opened in Tampere. Kamula is a place where students can come to relax and socialize. There is always a staff member on-site, and volunteers are often available as well. You don’t have to be alone at Kamula. If you have any questions or are feeling nervous about coming, please send a message. We’re happy to help.

Kamula’s activities are free of charge, substance free place and we follow Kamula’s safer space principles.

Activities will be developed together with students, volunteers and partners. If you have wishes or feedback, please feel free to send it.

Kamula’s opening hours

  • Wednesday at 16-21
  • Thursday at 16-21
  • Friday at 17-22
  • Saturday at 16.30-20.30 (2.3. & 16.3.)
    • Open on Saturdays a couple of times a month.

*Sign up & read more about our events on Melvio


Newcomers’ evenings

Haven’t been to Kamula yet? We’ve made a nice evening just for you, where you can also meet other new Kamula visitors. A Kamula employee will greet you at the door, and during the evening, there will be guided group introductions and activities, which you can participate in if you wish. No pre-registration required. Welcome!

  • Wednesday 1212.at 16-17 – For all students
    • At 16-17, the event is only for new visitors. From 17 onwards, the Friends Day celebration at Kamula is open to all visitors, not just new ones. You can stay and enjoy the evening until 21 if you wish.
  • Wed 28.2. at 17-21
  • Fri 28.3. at 17-19

Strengthen your mental well-being

✨Gentle Stress Management✨

Join Kamula for a free course to learn gentle ways of managing stress.

First meeting on Tue 5.3. at 17–19. Meetings at the student’s meeting place Kamula (Mustanlahdenkatu 18).

Sign up at: kamula.melvio.app/en. Only 8 places available. Sign up by Mon 26.2. at the latest.
❕If the course is full, please leave your email address
and we will contact you when places become available or when a new course starts.

Stress is a companion of the student. Each of us surely recognizes excessive stress. At the same time, an appropriate amount of stress helps us accomplish things. So, should we learn to be friend it? Stress regulation is a skill that everyone can learn. Do you recognize the personal resources you already have?

Come and learn on this free course how to regulate stress and increase your personal resources.

Course topics:

  • Identifying stress in mind and body
  • Recovery
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Emotions
  • Personal resources and values

Each session includes physical stress relief exercises, breathing exercises, and visualization exercises.

The course is interactive. Everyone decides for themselves what to actively participate in and what to share with others. We respect different ways of participating and being. In the group, we do small functional, creative, and physical exercises, reflections by ourselves, and engage in pair and group discussions. There are only 8 places in the course to ensure discussions can happen in a safe atmosphere.

Kamula operates under Safer Space principles.

The course meets four times on Tue 5.3, Tue 12.3, Tue 19.3, Tue 26.3 at 17–19. Snacks served from 16.30.

The course is led by Mari McAlester. Mari is a psychotherapist, nurse, and experienced group facilitator. Mari has worked with young adults in various roles. Young people have described Mari as warm and trustworthy professional, easy to meet. The group facilitation is clear and professional. Mari also has a background in theater arts, with a special focus on interpersonal interaction. Mari is a dual citizen and has worked in English.

Sign up at: kamula.melvio.app/en. It’s enough to sign up only for the first session.
❕If the course is full, please leave your email address and we will contact you when places become available or when a new course starts.

Questions? Send a message/call to Kamula’s Siina 044 5538 428 or siina.vatto@ahjola.fi

Voluntary work at Kamula

Do you want to gain experience in volunteer work? Do you have some extra time? Welcome to volunteer at students meeting place Kamula!

Kamula offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Assisting and supporting staff at Kamula (playing games, and socializing with visitors).
  • Leading a group (e.g. arts and crafts, fitness, peer support).
  • Organizing events and theme days with other volunteers.
  • Perhaps something else? Come and tell us.

Our goal is that students are feeling better by doing things together.

Welcome along!


  • are a student or a young adult.
  • want to spend time with (other) students.
  • can work as a volunteer at least once a month in the evenings.
  • can participate minimum one semester (this is a wish, let us know if can participate shorter time).
  • agree to follow Kamulas principles (for example substance free place, guidelines for safer space).
  • You don’t need any special skills. You are enough just being you and being interested to do voluntary work in Kamula.

Want do you get from volunteering in Kamula?

  • Happy feeling.
  • Big thank you! We like to reward our volunteers (like dinner, activities together with other volunteers) every semester.
  • Certificate for volunteering.
  • Training for the tasks, feedback and help.
  • Very special experience of volunteering in students’ meeting place.

You are interested? At the Volunteer at Kamula – Info session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the different volunteer opportunities available at Kamula and what you would gain from volunteering. The info session lasts about 1 hour and includes evening snacks

Next voluntary work info is in Wednesday 21.2. at 16.30-17.30 at Kamula.

Sign up: kamula.melvio.app


Contact Information


Mustanlahdenkatu 18, Tampere

@kamulatampere (Instagram)
Send a message (WhatsApp)


Siina Vättö
Project Coordinator
044 5538 428

Fiia Vauhkonen
Project Worker
044 5538 427

Kaksi naista istuu rennosti tuoleilla.

Kamula’s hourly workers

Veera, Peetu, Jenny an Kaisa

  • They work at Kamula’s opening hours mainly on weekend evenings.

Information to Kamula’s harassment officers

With this form you can send a information about harrasment that you have faced at Kamula activities. Kamula’s harassment officers Fiia Vauhkonen and Siina Vättö will go through all the message with extra care. Please leave your contact information, if you want that we come back to you.



Kamula activity has got three years (2023-2025) project funding for the Meetpoint project. The project is financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with grants for non-profit corporations.


Melvio is a membership and data management tool developed by the We Foundation. We use it to collect member data and report on our activities. It is not possible for staff or the Me Foundation to review individual answers from visitors. However, the answers help us to understand who our activities reach and how our visitors are doing. Read more about We Foundation.

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