Ahjola Settlement In English

Ahjola Settlement is a non-profit association that organises guided activities and possibilities for learning and recreation for people of all ages in the Tampere area. Our main fields are adult education and child and youth work.

  • Ahjola Adult Education Centre organises about 1300 courses annually for about 17 000 participants. The number of course hours in a year is about 32 500. You can find our Finnish courses here.
  • We have about 120 hobby groups for children and young people, with about 1 200 participants annually. Apart from these we organise activities for school holidays and various events.
  • The hobby clubs for adults are led by volunteers and have about 150 participants in a year.
  • We provide morning and afternoon activities for schoolchildren in 12 groups in different parts of Tampere.
  • Our activities Big Sister and Tyttöjen tupa (Clubhouse for girls) are targeted at girls aged 6-16.

Ahjola Settlement was founded in 1929. There are about 70 full-time and over 300 part-time employees working for Ahjola.

Ahjola is a member of the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses.

The mission of Ahjola is to promote people’s overall wellbeing and support interaction between people. The values guiding our activities are acknowledging the value and rights of individuals, communal values, tolerance and understanding diversity as well as confidence in the ability of people and communities to solve problems independently.

The board of Ahjola Settlement

Jarmo Rautiainen, chair
Kaisa Isännäinen
Matti Helin
Esko Kannusmäki
Markku Kämäräinen
Harri Lakkala
Sointu Lanki
Tommi Rasila
Juho Saari