Hobby clubs for children and young people

During the fall and spring terms, we organise hobby clubs for children and young people, as well as short courses and day camps in several locations in Tampere. To see what’s available at Ahjola this spring term and to sign up, click here!

Our clubs emphasise working together and getting new learning experiences in a relaxed atmosphere, with no competitive goals. Our activities are open to everyone, regardless of background or gender.

The basis of our activities is formed by dance clubs, exercise clubs, and music clubs, but we also organise circus clubs and expression skills clubs. Each club’s fall term ends with an open doors event, planned together by the club participants and instructors, where parents, siblings, and friends can experience and take part in the club’s activities. At the end of the spring term, we organise a spring festival with performances by the performing arts clubs. Our clubs are run by professionals of different areas of interest, long-time aficionados, and enthusiastic young assistant instructors.

Terms and instructions

The children and young people’s clubs are intended for children and young people under the age of 18, living in or near Tampere. All under-18 participants in Ahjola activities are covered by an insurance taken by Ahjola at the OP-Pohjola insurance company.

The spring term begins on Saturday January 1st and ends on Thursday April 22nd. The clubs do not take place on the winter holiday week (week 9). We reserve the right to make changes to the information given in the program. If one meeting of a club is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of Ahjola, a compensatory meeting is not organised.


Registering for the clubs is always done in advance, either online or by phone. The registration is binding, meaning that when you register you commit to paying the club fee even if you decide not to participate in the club. The places in a club are filled in the order of registration. If you are on a reserve list, we will contact you if a place in a club becomes available later. When signing up for a club, always use the child’s name. For each club, there is a minimum amount of registrations required for the club to take place. If a club is cancelled or there are changes to a club’s schedule, the legal guardians of club participants are informed primarily by text message. No separate notification is sent about the beginning of a club.

If you want to get acquainted with a club first, contact the Ahjola office before registering. If there is room in a club, it is possible to join one club meeting to see what the club is like. This does not apply to music clubs or other small groups.

Club fee

The fee covers participation during the spring term. Sibling discounts are not available, except for family clubs where children and adults participate together. The club fee is paid either at registration via an online banking service, or afterwards to the Ahjola club activity bank account FI13 5730 0820 4594 81 using the reference number found in the registration confirmation message that you receive. Due to the current exceptional situation, it is recommended that you do not pay the club fee before the spring term begins.

Cancelling your registration

You can cancel your registration to a club free of charge no later than 7 days before the club begins either at the registration web page using your registration number or by contacting the Ahjola office by telephone. The club fee is only refunded if the club is cancelled, either due to an insufficient amount of registrations, or for reasons beyond the control of Ahjola. Information about the cancellation of a club, as well as any other club-related information, is sent to the legal guardian of a club participant by text message.

Club activity privacy statement (PDF file in Finnish)

What should you bring with you? 

Exercise and sports: Sportswear, indoor shoes, and a water bottle. For floorball, also bring protective goggles, and if you have a floorball stick of your own you can bring that too.
Trick schools and circus: Clothing suitable for exercising, a water bottle, and bare feet/grip socks/exercise slippers.
Dancing:  Clothing suitable for exercising, a water bottle, and appropriate footwear. If you have long hair, tie it back. In ballet and children’s dance clubs, you can use ballet clothes and practice slippers if you like. You can get more information from the Ahjola office or from the club instructor when the club begins.
Music: Bring your own guitar to the guitar club. Bring your own drumsticks to the drums club. You can get more information from the Ahjola office or from the club instructor when the club begins.

Club locations

Ahjola building, Ahjolankatu 3, Entrance address Erämiehenkatu 10 (evening caretaker 044 553 8450)

Saukkola building, Vainiokatu 2 (evening caretaker 044 553 8447)

Niemenranta day care centre, Matilda Niemen katu 9 (entrance is opened 5 minutes before the club begins)

Tampere Stadium, Ratinan rantatie 1

Ahjola Voima, Pispalan valtatie 45

Children and young people’s clubs office, Ahjola building, Ahjolankatu 3