Ahjola Adult Education Centre

Welcome to Ahjola!

Ahjola Adult Education Centre provides courses and guided activities for learning and recreation for people of all ages. The Adult Education Centre is a part of Ahjola Settlement, a non-profit organization in the Tampere area. We offer courses in several areas such as arts and crafts, languages, exercise and dance, health and nature, music, creative writing and theatre. In most of our classes the teaching language is Finnish.

Ahjola Adult Education Centre also organizes courses for enhancing reading and writing skills of immigrants in Tampere area. We also offer project-based courses on digital skills and work life skills for people who have been unemployed long-term.

We also offer the largest selection of Finnish courses in the Tampere area. We organize courses in four locations as well as many online courses for people of all skill levels. We do not provide language testing, but certificates of attendance are provided on request. You may find our Finnish courses here. 

You can browse our whole course selection and register online here.


Available from Monday to Thursday 10 am – 2 pm. For the autumn semester of 2024, our customer service opens 19th of August.

Customer Service (course registration and cancelling)

toimisto@ahjola.fi or 044 553 8400

Finnish Course Counseling and Info

Tuula Kivelä, Head of Language Education
tuula.kivela@ahjola.fi or 044 553 8414

Tommi Takku, Customer service
tommi.takku@ahjola.fi or 044 553 8471